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Metalogix Storagepoint SharePoint Storage Solution - SharePoint RBS & Storage Optimization Tool

BLOB Storage: Flexible, Compliant, and Efficient

SharePoint should make your business flourish. But in terms of SharePoint storage, growth can sometimes come with growing pains. When storage runs out, query times slow and performance suffers. Your business needs flexible storage to suit your present and your future, while remaining compliant and cost-effective.

Grow with Metalogix StoragePoint, the optimal Remote Blob Storage (RBS) solution. Metalogix partners Influential have the know-how to advise, implement, and support.

Metalogix & Influential – SharePoint Storage Solutions 

Influential is proud to be a Metalogix partner. After 25 years in the sector, we have the experience and the expertise to transform your software. Explore our comprehensive range of Metalogix services. Join thousands of business leaders who have seen the difference.

The Top SharePoint Storage Solution: StoragePoint

Native SharePoint storage architecture makes it overly complicated and costly to scale SharePoint.

Businesses are reluctant to invest in additional hardware such as high-performance storage.

  • StoragePoint provides real-time externalisation of files to more cost-effective storage devices
  • No impact on SharePoint functionality, user experience, or performance

User adoption and content consolidation lead to huge growth in SharePoint environments.

SQL Server database limitations specify segmentation of data or high-speed storage, which require regular maintenance.

  • StoragePoint permits the externalisation of unstructured data or files, otherwise known as BLOBS, to various kinds of external storage device
  • A simpler architecture of storage with a decreased need for high-performance storage

Native SharePoint storage does not allow encryption or compliant storage for sensitive or compliant documents.

  • StoragePoint offers support for the encryption of externalised documents, as well as for the enforcement of records retention rules
  • Synchronise rules between compliant storage and SharePoint Information Management Policies

Large farms can present challenges in the case of backup or recovery.

The backup options for large SQL Server databases are limited.

  • BLOB externalisation is an ideal method for SharePoint storage, 90-95 percent of which is composed of files
  • Externalised BLOBs are much easier to replicate or backup than SQL Server databases

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