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Businesses choose SharePoint because it’s multifaceted and multiuse. But with that many configurations, informed planning is essential. Metalogix Expert is here to demystify every aspect of the SharePoint planning process.

This analysis tool provides the insights needed to create a SharePoint plan for your migration, optimise storage, and protect against security risks. Metalogix partners Influential are experts in Metalogix Expert.

Metalogix Expert & Influential – SharePoint Planning 

Influential: a trusted name in software development and services for 25 years.

Metalogix: a leading provider of content infrastructure for SharePoint and Exchange.

As a Metalogix partner, Influential offers the strengths of both, bringing expert services to the most effective solutions. Our Metalogix services team is ready to exceed your expectations. Thousands of businesses, from public sector organisations to large enterprises and SMEs, have seen the results.

Delivering Metalogix Expert Results

Make the Right SharePoint Plan

Around 80 percent of migrations fail without a coherent SharePoint plan. Tasks such as preparing to audit content and identifying the need for permissions access can make migration more complicated than necessary.

  • Use Metalogix Expert to pinpoint and troubleshoot limitations of SharePoint that may affect your migration success
  • Analyse SharePoint security to note possible risks and create a holistic migration plan
  • Automate content evaluation, so you don’t have to search for excessive lists, large files, or checked-out documents

Ensure SharePoint Can Grow

An excessively large number of BLOBs in your database will prevent the SharePoint environment’s growth. This is a factor to consider in your storage optimisation plan.

  • Increase space and reduce cost with Metalogix Expert’s storage analysis, along with scalable data infrastructure design
  • See how to shrink your databases by as much as 95 percent on an intuitive dashboard, targeting out-of-date or unused content for removal to more efficient storage

Protect from Data Breaches

Half of all organisations have reported a data breach in SharePoint since 2016.
Almost 60 percent of SharePoint users are unsure about the security of sensitive data on the platform.

  • Protect your organisation from breaches and exposure with Metalogix Expert’s security planning capabilities
  • Use leading security metrics to spot governance issues automatically

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