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Archiving Solutions that Automatically Manage and Protect

Information Archiving & Storage Management Solutions from Metalogix and Influential | Information Archiving Control illustrationArchive Email and Files: Simple & Secure

An effective archive is like a clean, well-stocked kitchen – instantly empowering you with the ingredients for success.

With the right Information Archiving and Storage Management Tools to hand, you can manage and maintain your archive at will.

Businesses today must consider the legal, financial, and strategical issues when choosing an archive solution. On all counts, successful businesses prefer Metalogix.

The leading archive manager and exchange archive solutions from Metalogix and Influential offer the deepest discovery and search tools. Whether your business needs to archive emails or files, these solutions prove to be cost-effective, robust, simple, powerful, and secure.

Metalogix & Influential – SharePoint & Office Specialists

It’s clear to see why Influential is a proud Metalogix partner. With 25 years of experience in the sector, Influential has the expertise and experience to optimise Metalogix solutions for your archiving requirements. We specialise in two Archive Manager solutions: Files Edition and Exchange Edition.

Metalogix Information Archiving & Storage Management Tools

Archiving Software that Automatically Manages and Protects

Archive Manager Files Edition

This leading file archive software provides an enterprise-level solution with none of the complexity. Automatic archiving, management and security capabilities free your business from the unnecessary labour of traditional archives.

  • Enjoy cost-effective storage in place of overworked file servers
  • Preserve the existing structure of files, folders, and disks, in a transparent archive
  • Find files with a full-text search engine
  • Comply effortlessly with industry, government, and internal archiving regulations
  • Manage files through the entire lifecycle, keeping access while lowering storage costs
  • Capture, route, store, restore, migrate, and delete emails automatically
  • Control how long distribution groups, mailboxes, and messages are retained
  • Configure retention policies for as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SEC11a-4, or Freedom of Information
  • Eliminate duplicate files automatically, freeing up more storage space
  • Perform parallel archiving across storage devices, and retrieval of archived files to a target server
  • Integrate on-premise, cloud, or hybrid architecture, allowing file protection and storage wherever you wish

Archive Manager Exchange Edition

This premier email archiving solution has won countless People’s Choice awards, and for good reason. On accessibility, search capabilities, and automatic management, this is one of the most effective tools you can find to archive email.

  • Be confident in a robust, affordable, and universally recommended archive
  • Keep mission-critical emails always available, with off-site replication for retrieval during system failure or downtime
  • Locate emails rapidly with search and discovery, facilitating audits and investigations
  • Suspend disposition policies for selected data groups, and perform advanced granular searches
  • Cut storage requirements by removing duplicate emails, automatically or manually
  • Gain visibility and control over user PST files, with use of a searchable archive
  • Lower costs by automating files’ lifecycle management, as well as capturing, routing, storing, restoring, migrating, and deleting as required

Office 365 and SharePoint – Information Archiving & Storage Management Solutions

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