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Metalogix Collaboration Platform Performance & Continuity | Admin and security software for SharePoint and Office 365 - with UK Partners InfluentialOffice 365 & SharePoint Business Continuity Management Software

If you’ve ever found that tiresome administration outweighs the joys of collaboration, your business is not alone.

At Influential, we believe SharePoint should be better.

The tried and tested range of Metalogix Business Continuity Management & Collaboration tools can use custom SharePoint to work for you – not against you.

Enjoy the freedom of automating administrative tasks alongside the power of governance and security.

Metalogix & Influential – SharePoint & Office Specialists

It’s clear to see why Influential is a proud Metalogix partner. With 25 years of experience in the sector, Influential has the expertise and experience to optimise Metalogix solutions for your business continuity management and collaboration requirements.

We specialise in two Archive Manager solutions: ControlPoint and Diagnostic Manager.

Metalogix Collaboration Platform Performance & Continuity Tools

Administration and Security solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint

Metalogix ControlPoint

For businesses with increasing adoption, SharePoint administration can become an impractical task. A lack of information can also hamper governance processes and successful deployment. ControlPoint addresses these issues by providing control in a custom SharePoint solution,  without limiting the freedom that users expect.

  • Automate and simplify laborious tasks, creating time for higher value tasks
  • Achieve security through permissions management, templates and policies to enforce permissions, and monitoring of suspicious user activity
  • Implement your governance strategy with an advanced policy engine
  • Identify, manage, and remediate sensitive content with robust user features
  • Monitor user activity for suspicious behaviour, with alerts or disabling options

Metalogix Diagnostic Manager

Administrative tasks such as troubleshooting server performance, SQL optimisation, network connectivity, and browser settings can consume an unnecessary amount of the day. Automated monitoring is essential for administrators’ productivity, and to address performance issues before they can affect users.

  • Gain a central view of your SharePoint content, servers, SQL, and network
  • Create alerts and reports based on a view of SharePoint as a farm, a set of servers, and infrastructure
  • React before outages occur, with a system that monitors environments and sends pre-alerts
  • Receive alerts based on custom SQL performance, network connectivity, and content growth thresholds
  • Identify potential issues with Office 365 availability, your network, SQL performance, and content database growth from one location
  • Review information about SharePoint content on every page, testing performance before production

Office 365 and SharePoint – Business Continuity Management & Collaboration

Metalogix and Influential: bespoke or quick-deployment options, we can suit your position.