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Metalogix Tools to Identify, Manage & Protect Collaboration Content across Multiple Cloud Platforms

Metalogix Cloud Solutions - with UK Partners Influential

SaaS Cloud Content Management:

Cloud content collaboration is the essence of ground-breaking innovation – in theory. In the real world, many businesses find that their collaborative software exists in unconnected islands.

Introducing – Metalogix’s cloud content solution. Metalogix partner Influential has the know-how to advise, implement, and support your content systems.

Metalogix  & Influential – Content in the Cloud

There are many cloud content solutions out there. DropBox for marketing. Salesforce for sales. Box for consultants. Not forgetting the overarching SharePoint and OneDrive environments.

You need your departments and systems to work together. At Influential, we believe that your software should be as powerful as your imagination.

Metalogix Content Cloud Management with

Multi-Platform Collaboration

Many platforms, multiplying into more? Over 80 percent of business leaders report using collaboration and management tools across their entire business. Almost 50 percent of these businesses use at least six collaboration tools.

Even small businesses today typically use platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, and Google for Work. This is clear evidence of the need for a super-collaborative business cloud solution.

Connectivity is Creativity

When collaboration tools do not collaborate among themselves, productivity drops. Departments work with separate tools, preventing information from spreading. Users cannot navigate unfamiliar interfaces to find the information they need quickly. It has become clear that greater interoperability is desperately needed. Standing at the vanguard of Microsoft and cloud solutions, Metalogix has come to the rescue.

The business cloud solution offers visibility and control over all your clouds, from a single, intuitive interface.

  • Access your mission-critical content at any time with restore functions
  • Synchronise dispersed files, storage, and collaboration
  • Create backups or files, folders, and metadata either individually or across the organisation
  • Protect yourself against content deletions and accidental edits
  • Perform migrations across multiple clouds, with folders, files, and metadata
  • Prevent suspicious activity by finding, classifying, and securing your sensitive data in advance
  • Manage content across platforms throughout its lifecycle
  • Retain security without forcing users onto a single platform
  • Access your mission-critical content at any time with restore functions
  • Tailor migrations with advanced migration settings
  • View storage and usage metrics for all your platforms, on real-time dashboards

 Influential and Metalogix Cloud Content Solutions

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