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On-Premise SharePoint Backup Content Management

Restore, Secure, and Protect Your On-Premise SharePoint Content

SharePoint Backup & Restore Content Management Software - from Metalogix and UK Partners Influential

SharePoint Backup & Restore Software

The purpose-built SharePoint Backup and RestorePoint offerings from Metalogix are powerful recovery and restore tools.

Enable compliance while offering granular restore and self-service recovery.

With great value comes greater risk. When a business relies on SharePoint for content collaboration, it is vital to protect that system. And no business being the same as any other, custom solutions are required. Metalogix partners Influential have the know-how to advise and implement.

For a comprehensive security package, add the purpose-built Sensitive Content Manager Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for SharePoint.

Metalogix & Influential – SharePoint Backup Solutions

Influential is proud to be a Metalogix partner. After 25 years in the sector, you can trust in Influential’s experience and expertise. Our partnership with the award-winning range of Metalogix products is simply another mark of quality. Join thousands of businesses who have seen the results.

We deliver three Metalogix SharePoint Backup and Restore tools: SharePoint Backup, RestorePoint, and Sensitive Content Manager.

Metalogix Sharepoint Backup and Restore Content Management Tools

Ensure your SharePoint Content is secure and protected.

Metalogix On-Premise SharePoint Backup

The Metalogix Backup solution focuses on being comprehensive, secure, simple, and automated. Users report their project times falling by as much as 50 percent. This allows more frequent backups and safer content. SharePoint Backup is available for SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016.

  • Be confident in your compliance with rapid recovery in the event of an outage
  • Backup more quickly and more often, protecting you from data loss between backups
  • Shield your data with top-of-the-range encryption
  • Create highly compact backups with compression algorithms and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
  • Perform granular restores of content, individual or departmental, with minimum effort
  • Automate restoration from legacy backup files, using a modern interface
  • Avoid unnecessary scripting, with lower failure rates on recoveries
  • Use your time effectively by providing self-recover rights to select users

Metalogix RestorePoint

Designed purely for SharePoint, the RestorePoint offering excels at seeking and retrieving content. Whether corrupted, old, lost, or overwritten, content is easy to restore directly from database backups.

  • Achieve granular restores of content, even when the site is inaccessible or offline
  • Use a single console to restore overwritten files, corrupted objects, and misplaced documents
  • Empower users with self-service recovery, allowing them to find backup versions of their content and restore onto SharePoint servers or file shares
  • Enjoy native integration with your current OOB backup and SharePoint environments
  • Save time by not having to manage dedicated recovery farms, incompatible licences, or third-party backup formats
  • Protect against user inactivity, downtime, and system interruptions, through an intuitive interface
  • Benefit from fast deployment, with as little as 10 minutes from install to recovery

Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager

Whatever the nature of your business, there is almost certainly some sensitive content within your SharePoint environment. Unlike other Data Loss Prevention systems, Metalogix created Sensitive Content Manager specifically for SharePoint. That means saying “Goodbye” to the false positive rates that hinder other DLP systems.

  • Gain higher accuracy in the detection of sensitive content, using advanced Machine Learning
  • Adjust sensitivity levels and relative weights with the ease of turning a dial
  • Encourage safe and compliant collaboration with a SharePoint-specific system

 SharePoint Backup & Restore Solutions

Metalogix and Influential: bespoke or quick-deployment options, we can suit your position.